How Zyppah Saved My Marriage

My wife is my number one fan in everything I do, except when I snore. We’ve been married for three years, and she still cannot stand my snoring. She knew of my condition when we were still dating, but she admitted that she did not expect it to be this bad.

Every night, she is woken up by my severe snoring. If I only had my way, I wouldn’t put my wife into this predicament. The signs of stress and lack of sleep were already showing on her face. Her irritability in the morning seems like a sweet revenge for not making her sleep. She would be so cranky in the morning that I have to eat cereals for one straight week just because she was not in the mood to make breakfast.

It may seem petty, but this year, I felt that the sleepless nights had taken a toll on our relationship. My wife wouldn’t want to sleep where I sleep anymore. It was hard to see that our guest room has turned to her official bedroom.

The event prodded me to make a change. I think I tried all the natural remedies, but the snoring persisted. I even consulted a doctor to check if there is something serious going on. Fortunately, there was none. He just referred me to a specialist dentist for a prescription mandibular advancement device. I was ready to get myself that expensive device until I come across some Zyppah reviews on the internet about this over-the-counter anti-snoring mouthpiece called Zyppah.

I was hesitant to try it, but it was way more affordable than getting the prescription one. Plus, there is a 90-day money back guarantee on the device, so I still have the option to return it if the instrument is not useful to me.

I ordered the item online, and I got it after a few days. My wife saw the package, and she was curious what it was. I told her that I would try an anti-snoring device to see if it will solve my snoring problem. She smiled and thanked me for making an effort to find a solution to snoring.

She helped me to customize the product, and she told me that she is sleeping in our bedroom to see if the product will work. It’s been three months since we slept in the same room, so I am so hopeful that the device will work. I did not mind the little discomfort if only I can have my wife beside me again.

We slept well that night, and she was in tears when she woke up and told me that she has waited for so long to have a peaceful sleep beside me. I was so moved, I only smiled and hugged her. I thank the guys behind Zyppah for this great innovation. It helped to save our marriage.