Getting ahead with the right vehicle equipment

If you are a person who likes to keep his car clean and great looking then you probably know that to achieve this you need to put a lot of work in it. A lot of car owners don‘t take proper care of their cars, even though they think they do. Like with all mechanical things and with cars especially you have to invest your time and money in order to have a functioning car that will last for many years . You have to take your car to the maintenance shop when something happens that you are not competent enough to solve it, quite a few people don‘t pay attention to small details like a red indicator light, indicating that something is wrong with you care, when in fact this might be a very important thing, if you hesitate to solve this problem in time latter on it might evolve into a big problem and cause your car many problems and in the long run you will have to spend even more money that you thought. A lot of people those days (including our photographer) are fixing their cars themselves, but in order to do that you need particular knowledge and the right equipment for a certain job you want to do. Speaking about car equipment for maintenance, did you knew that in UK there are around three million different kind of vehicle lifts ? When you think that there’s only around fifty million people living in UK that translates in around thirteen to one ratio, which is quite a lot if you consider how many cars there are in UK. A car lift can really make ones job of fixing cars easier, and plus car lifts doesn‘t cost that much ether those days.. You could probably get a used one for around seven hundred pounds, a new one for around a grand. In our opinion a vehicle lift is a worthy investment for your business, or even if you don‘t own a car maintenance business and want to use one in your home garage it‘s worth it, because it saves time and money if you would of had to use car repair services, instead you do the fixing yourself when you have a right car lift for that particular job.



Then and Now: Formula One Car Racing

There is a big difference in formula one and regular car racing. Formula one cars are not a typical racing cars and it’s not only about the differences in cars but also Formula 1 drivers are considered one of the top racing experts on the planet. F1 racing began in around 20’ties, this unique vehicle sport started was called Grand Prix Motor Racing and it’s origins are in Europe. The F1 racing had many rules changed especially it transformed after the WW2, Grand Prix Motor racing had got a new forumla called Formula One after around 5 years of the beginning of this racing sport. It took 30 more yeras after that until we saw first F1 world championship in the 50’ties. With the increased interest from the public the F1 racing quickly developed and gained a lot of sponsorship from private entities who supported particular teams financially, the formula one racing became a multi billion dollar business.

Before they are qualified to race or take part in the Grands Prix – all drivers, constructor groups, coordinators, track authorities, and other members in the involved in the racing are obliged to hold a legitimate Super License, which is the most astounding class of car racing permit issued by the FIA. The FIA is a non-benefit sports league that since 1904 has basically been the representing body or association speaking to the investments of motoring associations, auto care occasions other auto clients. It serves well that the FIA would oblige Formula One race members to hold the most high standard class of permit evaluation. Subsequently, Formula One autos are thought to be the quickest circuit-racing autos on the planet.

Race procedure by the drive can have the effect between winning, losing and slamming. Fuel load and tire wear are several things a driver must consider as a component of his method. The suspension in the auto is discriminating to its execution. It is the suspension that uses the force of the motor, the down power by the wings and aeromechanics.

The begin of the race is exciting as every auto tries to get into a position of certain point over alternate vehicles. Each driver and f1 bolid needs to be first around the first corner. Marshals holding banners are situated at different focuses around the track. The banners impart critical messages to the drivers. The drivers likewise get messages in the cockpit of their auto through a GPS marshaling framework that lights up with messages.  Qualification round is not a game for the shy and the fans that watch understand the threats included. There is awesome appreciation for the racing, the drivers and the immensely skilled racers with many years of driving experience. All we can say is that f1 racing changed greatly from it’s roots, f1 industry exploded and today is a multi billion dollar industry, you can read in the news how much f1 drivers earn, those numbers are up to hundred times greater then when grand prix initially started, that tells that the investments increased by around the same amount also, and today f1 racing is one of the most expensive sport of any kind.



“Emotional prostitution” – a price not worth paying

It was easily available to uncover accurately the way scams work after meeting  with Alina, which is one of the women involved in the “emotional prostitution”. She explained the whole dirty collection of techniques, from a pale disgusted version of online-chatting to a full fraudulent platinum service driven by chauffeur. This is where the men are actually rinsed of cash for the entire week in the place of Odessa, assuming that they are concreting a lifetime relationship when they are strung on the friendly date which ends with them after dispatching to the airport along with the deep hearts and blank wallets. Most of them came with expectations of ridicule, but he was not sure that anybody deserved this treatment.

For most of the women as well, in spite of hundreds of women could live away from the scams, actually it’s not that easy to have the psychological burden to bear. Alina was actually the evidence of that, and the 29 year old Chris who was the youngest member of the tour found that the time he confronted the date with allegations on the kind of business. After which she had burst into tears weeping and actually felt terrible. But the fact was that she was requiring money in supporting her mother post the death of her father. When other women were actually truly looking for a man with interesting attitude and character to make as their partner and wanted to leave from Ukraine, they too spent more hours by just chatting with the elderly men just for making more money.


Anastasia International site is not directly conspiring in any of the scams. They also operate with a highly revenue making profitable business and have a model that permits them flourished. While the real and the lasting co ordinations do rarely form via the site, more often they are used only in increasing the concentric circles of distrust, dissatisfaction and disaster for whatever involved in it. Anastasia points out that they weed out the scams the moment they finds them, and has also banned multiple women from accessing their site. They also say that they will repay their clients who actually fell as victims to these kinds of scams, and provide advices on avoiding them.

Larry Cervantes who is the spokesman of the company has written after the tour that was true about some men that they had been spending money that they really did not have. Some of them were spending and try breaking the Ukraine women, as the Brits chasing the Brits.

But the difference noticed here is that the company is making a hell lot profit by the men who are making fools of themselves. At the same time many women are earning money by using these schemes which is not apparent that it benefits them in their long run.

It is very far from the end of the practice during the recent times of the conflict in Ukraine that has only improved it.


False beliefs & the secret of dating with a Russian women

Thousands of Russian mail order brides marry foreigner especially American men every year. Dating Russian women has become a fascinating trend nowadays that has created many false beliefs and gossip. People who are thinking about finding Russian wife are scared about these myths. Explanations are given below to three important false beliefs. First one is mail order brides from Russia are looking for a father to their child, not love. It is false one, Russian women are approximately 10 million in numbers than Russian men. It means there is much more competition for good, reliable, teetotaller men in their country. The situation is worse in the case of widowed women. In Russian culture, there is no respect for unmarried women after 30 years of age. They want to marry lovable person who treats them with respect and adoration. So they happened to look somewhere else if the men with those qualities are not seen in their country.

russian women

Second one is mail order brides from Russia are reserved, shy and dependent. They want to be housewife rather than to work in office. This is absolutely false. Many Russian women are educated and working for a living and enjoying having a career. It is true that Russian women are seeking financially secured and equally working husband. This has produced a false impression that they quit working after marriage. While dating Russian women, most of the men can find them career minded. As soon as they move to America they tend to find work soon. Another important myth is Russian women on Russian dating sites are only scam that makes men to send them money and cheat them after payment. This may happen sometime with any website on the Internet but there are many reliable dating sites that offers Russian women who sincerely want to find a love and a husband to make her feel comfortable.

Why Russian Bride?

A man has to exhibit sincere effort and remain with patience to develop a strong, intimate relationship with any women. He has to open his heart and make the women to understand him fully and he has to allow her to build up confidence to marry him. A man has to follow three secrets to date mail order bride from Russia and ensure that the bride will marry him.
First one is to upload of nice photo of himself. Russian mail order brides will look up for attractive man who had taken time to post his good picture. Those Russian brides who look up on photos are serious about finding husbands of their dream. They will not approach them for money. So the men must take a good care of their portraits and they must post good quality picture taken by any professional photographer.

How to contact Russian Brides?

Honest, long detailed bio data and emails describing their behaviour and character is the second step in attracting Russian brides. The men should also write letters to make them clearly understand what they want in a Russian bride. This is a must one because the dating is not in person. The connection between them is only made by email, postal mail or by phone. Letters should be very honest and in reliable manner describing positive qualities, hobbies as well as their flaws, so that they could stand out from dozens of application they receive. The men should not forget that they are seeking a lovable romantic partner, so they must avoid hastiness in developing a relationship. Last one is the men should not boast about their money and all the expensive gadgets they possess, as this will insult the brides that they are attempting to buy them and will make them to feel that the men are making fun of their current situation. Another thing is flaunting about money in front of Russian brides will only attract the ones who are interested in money.

“Truths” about Russian mail order brides portrayed by the media

Russia is a country located in North of Asia and East of Europe. Over 140 million people reside in Russia, where the range of women is more than the range of men. Women in Russia can become a respected member of society only when they are married, no matter how successful they are. So it becomes a very important thing to find a good husband and starting a family. Russian men are in demand and due to the shortage of men’s population against women population. This demand makes the men to surrender in marriage at high demand of money and proper siege from women. Women in Russia believe that they are made for family life. Hence a widowed woman with a child also seeks a husband. They start their search for husband not only to help their children education but they also want to make a complete family.

Definition of success is different in Russia. In other parts of the world, success is defined in terms of setting up a good financial condition and making money to live the life. But in Russia success of women are considered in terms of setting up of a good family, getting married to a worthy person and bringing up good children. In western countries fulfillment of success is achieved by making good career and money. Western men have to completely accept different system of coordinates. They judge the Russian women in their own way and come into a conclusion that they have to come out of their misery. But it is not a real fact. The miseries that are stated against mail order brides from Russia in media are only the reason of their driving force in making money.

Characteristics of Russian brides: Russian women are known for taking good care of their husbands and looking after children. The media concentrates on scandal stories to increase the newspaper and magazine selling rate rather than happy living stories. So they are making their newspaper and magazine as newsworthy by publishing about murders. This is the main reason for finding happy news very rarely about the men who married mail order brides from Russia. They concentrate only on negative impacts of getting married to foreign brides rather than making people to view them in a positive manner. Most important goal is to sell their advertising space.

How it works? Marriage between a man and woman of two different countries is termed as cross culture marriage. They are generally known as International relationship. But those marriages in Russia are named differently in the name of mail order brides. Marrying Russian women is often portrayed in Media as mail order brides. Mail order brides from Russia are focused in media as they want to leave their country for making their economic conditions in a better way. This is far from reality. Most of Russian women are well educated and have completed a college or university degree. The reason behind the Russian women seeking their husband is not only for money as media states but also for making a good family and bringing up good children. Main reason is they are unable to find their ideal men in their own country; they seek for a foreign husband. Many profiles of Russian women which were published on mail order sites were removed after they get married to a Russian men. This is the clear evidence that Russian women are not fixed on going abroad.

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