The Final Try: UK Leaders Pledge To Give Scotland More Power

Scotland is filled with confusion over its future. There is yet no certainty whether Scotland will get its independence or whether it will still be a part of the United Kingdom. There is going to be an election on Thursday where about 4.29 million of people living in Scotland will decide with their votes whether Scotland will still be a part of the UK. The election is spearheaded between two parties on is the “Yes Scotland” campaign group which supports the independence and the other is “Better Together”campaign group which is against independence.

Political parties in the UK are trying their level best to convince people of Scotland to still be a part of their country. Leaders are emphasizing on the fact they should remain unified and share a common identity. The three primary leaders of three major political parties in the UK; Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and also the prime minister David Cameron signed a pledge to give more power to Scotland.

eu leadersThe pledge signed by these three leaders states that if the people voting in the independence election, choose Scotland to be still a part of the United Kingdom, then they promises that whatever government may rule in the parliament the Scottish parliament would get new and extensive benefits and powers.

The pledge tries to attract people with the hope of equal and better opportunities. The pledge also gives people hope of the best security and defense system as well as equal sharing of resources. The pledge also states that government will look after welfare and prosperity of all people living in unified U.K.

The opposing party that is “Yes Scotland” is speculating that pledge signed by the three leaders is just a last minute gimmick to dissuade Scottish people from getting their independence and their rights. Alex Salmond, first minister of Scotland stated that the pledge was a desperate last minute try is not going to deter people from their rightful independence and future.

Meanwhile, Ed Miliband, labour leader who is supporting “Better Together” campaign has criticized “Yes Scotland” campaign of using unfair and ugly strategies to lure voters. While Ed was on a trip to St. James Shopping Centre in Edinburgh, supporters of the “Yes Scotland” campaign insulted and abused him by calling him an “absolute liar”. This protest shortened his trip which was meant to win confidence of undecided voters in the last few days before the election. Ed stated that there is still hope of a unified United Kingdom as he found out that there is still a large number of voters who haven’t decided which campaign to vote.

On Monday British Prime Minister, David Cameron made an emotional request to the Scottish people not to give up on a unified nation, stating that “If you leave the U.K.- that will be forever.” He urged Scottish people to not make any hasty decision as he emphasized that if Scottish people did not like his government then they don’t need to get a separate identity because his government would not last forever.

Microsoft ratifies to buy ‘Minecraft’ maker Mojang for $2.5 billion

Microsoft guarantees buying Minecraft. On Monday, Microsoft confirmed the news of buying Minecraft maker Mojang for a value of $2.5 billion. The deal is to be closed by the end of 2014.

Minecraft has already built a huge game platform within just three years. With takeover of this particular game, Microsoft is leaping for a large enthusiastic fan base which is supposed to alleviate Microsoft’s Xbox business.

Over 100 million copies of ‘Minecraft’ have already been downloaded onto personal computers, mobiles and tablets out of which 54 million are paid download. $120 million of profit was generated out of $300 million of revenue in 2013.

Xbox chief Phil Spenser states, “We see great potential in continuing to grow the Minecraft community as gaming is the top activity across devices. It also adds diversity to our gaming portfolio and helps us reach new gamers. We have also planned to avail Minecraft across iOS, Playstation, Android, Xbox and PCs.”

Minecraft has successfully attracted all types of gamers from a 10 year old boy to a 50 year old man. It is a virtual world where players are provided with huge sets of tools and digital materials. Users are to create sub worlds using their own imaginations. Players have to collect resources and use stone, timber, bricks and tools to erect structures which they might have to protect. This is new to Microsoft and so they have planned to nourish this particular game franchise.

Chief word officer at Mojang says, “Markus Persson does not want to take over responsibility of owning a company of such global significance.” Minecraft creator, Markus Persson says that creating a mega hit game was not his goal and he is done with the responsibility of handling such a significant company. He wants to return back working on smaller projects though.

In a blog, Persson says, “I would probably abandon anything I make which starts to gain attraction.” He is thankful to the supporters of Minecraft to make it such a big hit, worldwide.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said on Monday, “Minecraft is not just only a great game franchise­- it is an open world platform. It is driven by a vibrant community we care deeply about and is rich with opportunities that community and Microsoft.” He also adds, “Gaming is a top activity spanning devices, from PCs to phones, with billions of hours spent every year.”

Microsoft also confirms that there would be no immediate change in the game.

Minecraft is also becoming popular in schools. The game is being used in more than 40 countries as an educational tool. The game’s platform can be customized to create machines for physics projects or modelling cells in biology, said Microsoft.

Minecraft has been available on iOS and Android platforms, but is not available on Windows phone currently. Microsoft is likely to introduce the world famous game along with some additional features and benefits to its Windows version to allure Android and iOS users.

According to experts, if Microsoft can tap into the culture of Minecraft without upsetting millions of fans, then it would open up Minecraft to much bigger audiences as a tool for education and development.

US To End The Medical Coverage For Thousands Of People

On the 1st of October the US government under the Obama administration is planning to end health coverage for about 115,000 people. Their medical insurance will be terminated either because they were unable to prove to be citizens of United States or they were unable to prove that they legally immigrated to US and were eligible for free health care. Sources also confirm that if people are unable to provide their income details to the government then the number could go up to 363,000 people who would be denied health insurance coverage.

Andrew M. Slavitt the No.2 in charge of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stated that the 115,000 people whose coverage will be terminated on 30th of September will have the option of reinstating their insurance coverage retroactively.

He further clarified that about 966,000 people were found to have a discrepancy in their citizenship papers and immigration papers in May. Out of the lot about 310,000 people were sent administration letters to the people in August. Due to failure of submitting of their legal documents by the 5th of September the 115,000 people will lose their medical coverage.

Consumers whose life coverage has been cancelled complained that they tried to submit their legal papers, but due to technical problems in they could not do so. While others are complaining that they sent their immigration paper and citizenship papers to a federal contractor, but never got any confirmation or reply from the Government of US or the contractor.

Maria Youdelman stated that they have received a large number of cases in which people complain that they tried submitting their legal papers a lot of times but to no avail. Maria’s a lawyer at National Health Law Program, a group which helps fight cases for people belonging to low income group.

Jenny Rejeske is a health policy analyst by profession and represents immigrants at the National Immigration Law Center. He says that this system is unfair to the people who don’t understand English or Spanish as they have not been given sufficient notice to submit their documents.

The government of US in order to promote Private Insurance started giving federal subsidies to people owning private insurance by introducing the Affordable Care Act. This act enabled more than 8 out of 10 people having private insurance to be eligible for federal subsidies such as tax benefits, etc. In many cases the US government failed to authenticate the income reports of the people who applied for subsidized insurance.

In many cases, people whose insurance were rejected doesn’t make them ineligible for medical coverage or that they provided false documents. Quite a number of times the cases were like this that the consumers might have a hike in their salary or changed jobs which made it very hard for the government to file the reports on the previous income tax report. M Slavitt stated that if the people notified don’t submit the necessary documents by September 30 then they might lose all the given subsidies. It might also be possible that if their incomes are lower than what they applied they will get a bigger subsidy.

Premier of Season 19 Dancing with the Stars: Bigger and Better


You favourite celeb dance competition is back and that too with a bang. This time with the contestant there are other things which are new this season. A gorgeous new judge and a new formant had made this show a must watch on Monday the 15 September of 2014.

With bigger names and gorgeous outfits all the couple has begged for your vote by dancing the Jive, the Cha Cha and the Foxtrot.

We have the full recap of the glamorous and exciting season premier here:

Antonio Sabato JR. (Celebrity) and Cheyl Burke (professional dancer)

Even though they try their best and the audience seems to love them but the dance techniques needs some help. They got a score of 25 out of 40.

Lea Thompson (celebrity) and Artem Chigvintsev (professional dancer)

This couple have danced to Foxtrot and have impressed the judge very much. Judge Julianne said: “the lines were spectacular. I find you guys too beautiful”. Total was 32 out 40.

Janel Parrish (celebrity) and Val Chmerkovskiy (professional dancer)

Famous for playing an important part in the TV series THE PRETY LITTLE LIARS, Janel was very excited to be partnered with Chmerkovskiy. They got a score of 28 out of 40

Lolo Jones (celebrity) and Keo Motsepe (professional dancer)

This couple has danced to Cha Cha. Lolo expressed that the performance was great but according to judges it was a 22 out of 40. Judge Len spoke to her saying;” do be down on yourself”

Bestsey Johnson (celebrity) and Tony Dovolani (professional dancer)

This couple danced the cha cha and got the lowest score of the night of 20 out of 40. The judges were not at all impressed and Judge Carrie Ann had no comments for the couple.

Travis Smiley (celebrity) and Sharna Burgess (professional dancer)

This couple danced the Foxtrot and Judged jokingly said,” You have a baby beast in you”. They got 29 out of 40.

Sadie Robertson (celebrity) and Mark Ballas (professional dancer)

They danced to the Cha Cha and according to Judge Bruno,” it love it, it was sexy”. They got a score of 34 out of 40

Michael Waltrip (celebrity) and Emma Slater (professional dancer)

According to judges it was fun and gave a score of 25 out of 40. The couple also had a good time.

Jonathan Bennett (Celebrity) and Allison Holker (Professional dancer)

According to Len: “you have potential” and danced to Jive and got 30 out of 40.

Tommy Chong (Celebrity) and Peta Murgatroyd (Professional dancer)

This couple danced to the Cha Cha and all judges liked the dance and gave them a total of 27 out of 40.

Randy Couture (Celebrity) and Karina Smirnoff (Professional dancer)

According to Judge Bruno,” You have to be light on your feet”. This couple danced to the Foxtrot and got a score of 31out of 40.

Bethany Mota (Celebrity) and Derek Hough (Professional dancer)

The Youtube sensation was very excited to come here and her first dance with her partner was the Jive. The couple got a score of 32 out of 40.

Alfonso Ribeiro (Celebrity) and Witney Carson (Professional dancer)

This couple had the highest score of the night. The Fresh price of Belair star was very excited and danced the Jive and won the heart of both the judges and the audience.

30-27: Eagles’ drastic win over Colts

A 36 yard field kick from Parkey ensured the win of Eagles over Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil stadium on Monday night. They managed to draw a 14 point deficit around the third quarter to a 30-27 win at the end.
Eagles swept Colts 17-6 at halftime and 27-20 at early fourth quarter.
Was it not for Sproles, Eagles would not have won the game. He took short passes twice turning them into long gains- first going for a 57 yard in first quarter, followed by a 51 yards in the fourth quarter.
“We crossed the field because I assumed the game was over and so we went back to the sideline and recited, “Do it again!”” Chip Kelly, Eagles’ proud coach, lamented.
Sprole commented smiling, “The only thing on my mind back then was to stay up and score.”
Sproles had 26 yard rushing and 152 yards receiving. LeSean McCoy said, “He is really giving us a spark. Without Sproles, we would have been in a real trouble.”
For 331 yards Nick Foles completed 21 of 37 passes followed by a touchdown, going over 300 yards for a second successive walk. He was once intercepted. Once the ball went to Eagles, it took them only 5 plays to drive 76 yards and tie the game. Jeremy Maclin, wide receiver, caught a 6 yard scoring pass from Foles.
Eagles began their third drive from their own 40 yard line with 1:56 remaining on clock. Foles hit a 24 yard pass play to tight end Zach Ertz to begin the drive. He then connected with running back Darren Sproles on a 17 yard pass to Colts’ 19. From there, LeSean McCoy ran for a yard and Eagles ran the clock down to set up Parkey’s third goal of the game.
Colts (0-2) fell into a tie for last place with Jaguars in the AFC South.
Ahmad Bradshaw got a 7 yard scoring pass from Luck with 11:49 left in the game. The Colts, as a result, lead by 27-20. He was left wide open on the right side of the end zone and easily received the pass from Luck.
Eagles’ powerful offense headed a slow start, managing just two field goals in the first half, failing to touchdown before McCoy’s 1 yard run with 4:32 to end the third quarter. They finished meaty, tying at 20 when Sproles managed to a 19 yard run late in the third quarter, again at 27 on a 6 yard TD pass to Maclin.
Luck tried to ensure the game with a short pass to T.Y. Hilton with 5:08 left and the Colts driving. But Hilton was grabbed on the play and Malcolm Jenkins caught the ball on run. Two plays later, McCoy was stopped for a loss and LaRon was called in for a horse-collar tackle.
When it seemed that the Colts would pull away following Vinatieri’s 27 yard field goal midway through the third Quarter, Eagles regrouped with the TDs from Sproles and McCoy.

Alibaba uplifts its funds for I.P.O

The Chinese e-commerce goliath, Alibaba has set its fund raising sights to titanic proportions. While uplifting the price range, it has set $60 to $66 and from $66 to $68 for each American share deposited. It perhaps has made the largest debut among American internet companies as far as the initial public offering is concerned, which makes it worth at a jaw-dropping $165.5 billion.

ipoA perfect example of the rapid growth of private sector benefiting high ranking officials has been set by Alibaba’s accession of Citic 21 CN. After its announcement in January, a lion share of stake in Citic 21 CN is to be controlled by Alibaba, which would worth $170 million. As a result, the stock value of the Pharmaceutical data company has risen by almost seven times, ultimately resulting in the increase of Ms. Chen’s share value by almost $500 million.

Alibab’s co-founder and executive chairman, Jack Ma, by announcing the big news during a presentation in New York has attracted more than 800 people which include potential investors.

This e-commerce group in hopes of attracting numbers of big mutual funds and other investors, who would latch onto the shares for longer periods of time, has held onto those shares even after large purchase orders flowing in piece-meal manner from the not too big investors in hope of acquiring a fraction of their shares.

Mr. Ma has been said to have stated that the company was being careful about non setting of the stock prices either very high or too low in a corporate lunch presentation in Hong Kong’s Ritz Hotel.

Facebook’s $16 billion stock market debut has taught Alibaba the what nots. According to a source, Alibaba, keeping in mind Facebook’s strategy of raising its price range to utilize strong investors’s demands while leaving no upside to many investors, has planned to put the price range to a limit of $70.

Over $ 4 billion in acquisitions, the colossal e-commerce company has stakes in a digital mapping business, a ride sharing company and even a Chinese Football team. It has also bought a film production company renaming it as Alibaba Pictures Group.

Founded in 1998, the Citic 21 CN earns mainly from a call-centre outsourcing service which, it is said, had linked its self to Alibaba highlighting its bar code tracking systems for drugs, which could be used in cutting down the amount of fake drugs in China.

Mr. Jeff Dorr who works as an analyst for J Capital Research in Hong Kong, has stated that, “The business of Citic 21 CN was making no profit and was deemed as small devoid of any growth prospects which could be termed as incredibly ecxiting.”

Alibaba delivers a message that being an e-commerce Colossus, has intentions of long term planning rather than focusing on grabbing every possible penny from potential investors, through resisting the bumping of the price range over $ 70. This will earn it the staggering rights for the largest Initial Public Offering (I.P.O), creating history.